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    • Prevent hoof rot
    • Effective disinfectant
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Cleanses, neutralizes and removes bad smells effectively and sustainably around the horse!

Horse manure organic decomposition and urine ammonia, creat a toxic and extremely pungent gas. In the horse box, where there is a particularly high concentration of ammonia, the smell is not only annoying, it can cause harm especially the respiratory tract of the horse. In addition, ammonia is combined with moisture, caustic liquor ammonia (ammonium hydroxide). The highly effective working microorganisms in the product Equolyt Bio Fresh & Clean neutralize the urine and eliminates the ammonia.

Equolyt Bio Fresh & Clean has been dermatologically tested, with the result "VERY GOOD" and is completely harmless to human, animal and the environment!

Equolyt Bio Fresh & Clean has the following features:

  • Improving of the microclimate
  • Prevention of hoof rot
  • Elimination of favorable environment for microorganisms
  • Prevention of fly infestation
  • Disinfected horse boxes, transport vehicles, etc.
  • Clean riding accessories, such as saddle, bridle, textiles, etc.

Shake well before use. 
100ml to 5l of water, mop wet and let dry.
100ml to 1l spray bottle, surfaces and textiles spray wet and let dry. 

Environmental behavior
Harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Not toxic, sensitizing. The bacteria are not pathogenic.

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Analytiska beståndsdelar:

According to EU Detergent Regulation:

4-chlorine-3-methyl-1-oxibenzene, glutardialdehyde, sodium alkyl diglycol ether sulfate, propanol-2, adjuvants

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