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Dennerle Deponit Mix Professional 9 in1 4.8 kg

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Deponit Mix Professional 9 in1 4.8 kg

The professional nutrient medium for all aquarium plants Congratulations on buying this high-quality product from Dennerle.

Every bucket of DeponitMix Professional incorporates a wealth of experience gained inover 40 years of researchinto aquarium plants. DeponitMixthus provides ahealthy basis for many years of magnificent plant growth. DENNERLE wishes you lasting enjoyment from your aquarium! Aquatic plants in nature In their natural habitats – the streams, ponds and sumps of the tropics – aquatic plants rarely cover large areas, rather growing in clusters of varying sizes. So-called nutrient seepage springs are commonly found in such habitats. These are areas in which water rich in nutrients and CO2 seeps slowly but continuously out of the ground. The ground itself is very fine-grained, dense and humous.

Reddish-brown coatings on the plant roots are evidence of a high iron content. It is little known only, however, that humus bacteria and the humous matters they are building are responsible for converting the many mineral nutrients in tropical soils into a form which can be absorbed by the plants. On bare tropical ground - e.g on the verges of newly-built roads - plants will only grow again after a layer of humus had accumulated, even though it may only be a millimeter thick. The soil at natural locations of popular aquarium plants such as Cryptocorynes and Echinodorus is always rich in humus.

Out of the aquarium plant research

Therefore the Dennerle nursery for aquarium plants developed, during many years of research, a humus - rich long-term mineral substrate specially for aquarium plants. • High-quality quartz sands create an ideal bed climate • Selected clay materials regulate the nutrient balance: They release nutrients when required and absorb them when there is an oversupply • Humin-rich natural peats provide for a slightly acidic bed environment and predigest nutrients for subsequent uptake by plants • Valuable mineral soil ensures a long - term supply of vital trace elements.

Concentrated nutrient iron in depot form provides for rich green leaves • Highly porous special granules transform the bed into an active bio-filter: For better water quality and healthier fish All nutrients and trace elements are available in the form of depots with instant and long-term effect. DeponitMix Professional ensures that even sensitive plant varieties get off to a good start and develop strong roots. On the other hand, DeponitMix does not contain any additional phosphates and nitrates and therefore is not algae encouraging

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  • Deponit Mix Professional 9 in1 2.4 kg
  • Deponit Mix Professional 9 in1 4.8 kg

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